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Strong & Secure!

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Urban August hits the Big Screen!

Last month we woke up to an unexpected surprise- that our own Urban August lockbox was featured in Spy Kids: Armageddon on...

How to Lock Your French Door or Double Door Fridge!

Just a quick video showing the easiest way to secure your french door refrigerator. Quick. Secure. Affordable. Versatile.  This is all is...

Before Buying a Cable Lock for your French Door (or Double Door) Fridge, Read this!

We recently summarized these issues up in a Youtube video. Check it out below!    It happens often- someone needs a solid...

How do you Childproof a Refrigerator Door?

When it comes to childproofing your home, it's important not to overlook the potential hazards that may be lurking inside your refrigerator...

Refrigerator Locks for Adults: Keep Your Food and Drinks Secure with Urban August

Refrigerator locks are an effective way to keep your food and drinks secure, especially if you live in a shared living space...

Why the Urban August Lockbox is the ultimate Fridge Locker!

Our patent-pending locking box is everything one might need in a home lock box. It is solid, lightweight, and designed for many...

Buying a Refrigerator with a built-in Lock Vs just buying an External fridge lock

Not everyone has the cash to buy an expensive full-electronic fridge with a built-in lock. These refrigerators are usually top of the...

A Lockbox for your Refrigerator? Unequivocally, YES.

The Urban August lockbox is patent-pending and made of ultra high-quality polycarbonate. We designed our box to fit any size fridge. Here...

Locking Your Fridge: Right or Wrong? It's not so Simple.

Urban August was founded from experience. Although it has helped many many families around the world, the ethics are not so simple....

The Necessity of Restricting Access to Food

We here at Urban August are aware of what many people's gut reaction is when you say "lock the fridge." They see...

Why would one need a French-Door Refrigerator Lock?

There can be several reasons why someone might want or need a French door refrigerator lock. Here are a few possible reasons:...

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Cable Lock for Your Refrigerator, Cabinet, or Wine Cooler

When it comes to securing your valuable belongings, cable locks are an excellent choice for a variety of applications. From dorm room...

Protect Your Food with the Urban Anders Fridge MAX Cable Lock

Protecting the contents of your fridge is important, especially when you have valuable or sensitive items inside. Whether you have a shared...

Lock for Bikes: How to Keep Your Bike Safe from Theft

Bike theft is a serious problem that every cyclist needs to take seriously. It's heartbreaking to see your beloved bike stolen right...

The Ultimate Security Solution: Dual-Lock Keyed and Combination Lock Box

The use of lockboxes with dual-lock keyed and combination is an effective way of securing your valuable belongings. These types of lockboxes...

Best Fridge Locks for French Door Refrigerators!

Looking to add that extra level of security for your French-door fridge, but can't decide on which lock model to purchase? Check...

The Origin of Urban August

Although there are many dates and events that could mark the beginning of Urban August, the roots of our business go way back....

What customers say about our products

I totally needed something that I could use everywhere to lock up my sensitive items. It didn't need to be 'bomb proof.' So far the UA lockbox has not let me down!

- Mike M.

- Mike M.

Uses UrbanAugust lockbox in camping van.

"I tried everything. My three kids kept making late-night raids on the fridge. None of the other solutions I could find helped. Then I found Urban August. Needless to say, things changed for the better and fast!"

- Kristin W.

- Kristin W.

Proud Mom and Urban August customer

"I have an autistic 15 year old son. When he wants something to eat, he HAS to have it ASAP. The keyed lock is truly a blessing. I needed this like 10 years ago!

- Mikaela M.

- Mikaela M.

Proud Keyed Lock Owner

"I run a busy taco restaurant in Northern Illinois. We absolutely NEED Urban August cable locks for our fridges and coolers. Before it wasn't uncommon for food or alcohol to just go missing."


- Jody H.

Longtime UA customer