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General Questions

I've lost the combination or key while the lock is in use. What do I do!?

DON'T PANIC! We get many calls from customers who forgot their combination or lost their key while the lock is being used. However, there is NO secret method to bypass the lock if you don't have the key or combination. If you lose or forget your combination, you have to cut it off. We advise on using standard wire or bolt cutters from your local hardware store.

If your combination does not work, first check if you are indeed using the right code. Often, a customer will think they set a combination (say 1234) but not realize they set it for something slightly different (like 2234, for example).

How do I change the combination?

We have variety of locks, you can check your lock instructions or for all of the directions, click here.

How strong are your products?

Our locks range from light-duty strap locks that can be cut with strong scissors to heavy duty steel chains that would require special cutting hardware.

However, the rest of our products are to be considered medium-strength and NOT cut or break proof, such as our popular cable locks. Why? because people lose keys and forget combinations. Imagine if you had a cut proof lock on your fridge and forgot the combination- there would certainly be some serious issues. Instead, we offer medium strength locks that can be cut using the right hardware. They are still very strong and durable, and cannot generally be broken/cut without the use of tools

I have a custom lock or lockbox that I would like made. Can UrbanAugust make it?
Possibly! We do custom orders frequently. Please fill out the Contact Form contact form and we will get back to you!
How do I know if this lock will fit my fridge or cabinets?
We provide all of the relevant dimensions on each product listing, but for a thorough and hands-on explanation, check out this video here.
Are the keys able to be copied?
For the lockbox, we can provide additional keys per request. For all other locks, it depends on the lock, and your local locksmith. We cannot offer replacement keys or make copies on any listing unless specifically mentioned.
Do you have Free Domestic Shipping?
Yes- For purchases above $50 within the USA, shipping is free! For all other destinations, shipping is calculated per selected shipper at checkout.
How long does it take for home delivery?
Yes. All of our cable locks and chains can be used outside. But our cable locks are not galvanized like our chains. Our chains are galvanized and laminated with a water-resistant coating. If our locks are used outside, we advise you to check for rust and other weathering periodically.
Will these locks scratch my fridge or cabinets?
All locks, except the chain, are coated with soft plastic and pose minimal risk of scratching any surface.


Do you offer free domestic shipping?
Yes- For purchases above $50 within the USA, shipping is free! For all other destinations, shipping is calculated at checkout.
Can I change my shipping address?
Yes- if you are quick. Please email
Where do you ship?
Everywhere! If your country accepts shipments from the US, we can ship there.
Do you offer overnight shipping?
At this time, no. However, for orders placed near the bay area or midwest we can offer express shipping that usually takes 1-2 days.
How long does it take for you to ship?
Generally all orders are dispatched within 48 hours. However, if after that and you have not been notified of shipment, please contact us and we will provide an update.


Can I order duplicate keys?
For the lockbox, yes. Please send us a message, or email us at and we can provide a quote. Please note that we will only sell additional keys to individuals who have already purchased a lockbox from us.
How do I change the combination for the lockbox?
For our locking box, please check the Lock Instruction page for directions, or our Lockbox listing
I've forgotten the code. What to do?
If you still have the key, use that. If you have lost your key as well, please reach out to customer service!
How strong is the Urban August Lockbox?

We wanted to make a locked box that is difficult to break- and ours is! We use polycarbonate, the best and most durable plastic on the market. Our lock and engineering are top quality. Essentially, a medium-strength locking box for everyday items.

However, our lockbox is NOT 'bombproof.' Contrary to what competitors might say, no lockbox on the market is unbreakable. Our box is medium security and can be broken with absolute brute force. This is a lockbox for everyday items, and we designed accordingly to get the best mix of weight, cost and protection. Hence, we advise NOT to use it to store expensive valuables and certainly not anything dangerous, such as firearms.

Is there a way I can secure the lockbox to a cabinet or other fixed object?
Yes- we will soon offer a metal cable lock and tether to lock it down. No one will be able to make your lockbox 'disappear.' With the right screw size, you can also bolt it down via the eight portholes on the side or back of the box.

Keyed Cable Lock

Can I order additional duplicate keys?
We cannot provide exact duplicate keys for a specific lock that you purchased. However, we do offer 3 and 6 packs with multiple locks that are keyed alike.

Returns and Product Warranty

Do you accept returns?
Yes. If returned within 30 days. For more information, please see our return policy Here