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Cable Locks

Heavy-duty cable locks are perfect for your dorm or double door refrigerator/fridge, wine cooler, or cabinet. These sturdy cable locks are built from high-quality stainless steel making them cut-proof & almost indestructible under normal circumstances. Choose a suitable cable lock from the collection below and place your order now!


Urban August Lock Box is made from shatter-proof polycarbonate plastic & is designed to protect everyday household, office items, etc. It includes a lockable storage unit with four digits and a key. This box can be used for food storage in the refrigerator/fridge, to secure medicines, electronics, and much more.

Strap Locks

Control who can access your kitchen cabinet or refrigerator with our well-designed & thoroughly tested strap locks. These strap locks are sturdy, strong, and can be adjusted to fit any standard refrigerator. These qualities make them perfect to be used as childproof fridge locks. Browse the collection below & shop now!

Adjustable Lock

The Urban Anders Multi-Purpose Keyed Adjustable Zip Lock is a strong and durable security solution for safeguarding access to your fridge, cabinets, or doors, with features such as a cut-proof stainless steel cable and an easy-to-use combination lock.

Lock & Chains

The Urban Outdoor Weatherproof Chain and Keyed Padlock is designed to offer maximum security while providing critical protection from the weather. Our unique lock is both laminated and covered with a weather-resistant shell to prevent rust and water damage.

Adhesive Locks

Urban August's adhesive locks are a great choice to childproof your refrigerator, cabinets, doors, windows, and more. Some of the many qualities of these adhesive locks are that they can fit on any surface and are easily installed. Check out the collection below and order the most suitable product now!