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Why buy a fridge lock?

"Why would someone need to lock their refrigerator?" 

"I don't think I would ever need something like that!" 

These were just some of the common lines we heard when we invented our first lock. And the answer is that many many people depend on our locks and lockboxes each and every day. 

Its extremely rewarding to receive near-daily emails from satisfied customers telling us how we have changed their lives. 

The truth is that most people will never need to lock their refrigerator. Access to medicine, snacks, alcohol is just not an issue for most people. But for those who need it- they really need it. 

Kids, teens, developmentally-disabled individuals and adults with dementia-type issues are our target demographic. There are multiple reasons for needing a lock with each group, but the bottom line is safety. We can also throw roommates in some cases to this list. 

So, according to our loyal customers, here are some reasons that you might NEED an Urban August fridge lock right now: 

  • Prevent certain individuals from accessing medicine. 
  • Combat over-eating. 
  • Prevent underage drinking. 
  • Prevent access to sensitive medication. 
  • Stop individuals with binge-eating disorders from accessing food. 
  • For use on other appliances, like cabinets and baby gates. 
  • To keep a surprise. 

If you want to hear more about our selections of locks and our lockbox- those will be in a future blog post. 

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