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Urban August hits the Big Screen!

Last month we woke up to an unexpected surprise- that our own Urban August lockbox was featured in Spy Kids: Armageddon on Netflix! 

We don't usually watch made for kids movies, but my brother decided to put it on for his kids. And before he walked out of the room, four of our lockboxes showed up on screen. Nicely presented, in the center of the screen. I guess they just really needed a good box that locks! 

And how were they used? They were used by the main characters in the first scene to keep their kids from getting their electronics!

No- we did not coordinate with Netflix or anyone else. We assume the movie staff just organically found our boxes on our website and decided they were a good match. 

Although our original idea was for a food lock box, our customers quickly embraced our locking box to minimize screen time. 

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