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  • Multi-Purpose Keyed Adjustable Zip Lock

Multi-Purpose Keyed Adjustable Zip Lock

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The Urban Anders Multi-Purpose Keyed Adjustable Zip Lock is a strong and durable security solution for safeguarding access to your fridge, cabinets, or doors, with features such as a cut-proof stainless steel cable and an easy-to-use combination lock. It provides peace of mind for any household where food or medicine access is an issue, and can be easily installed and adjusted to fit most door handles, with the added assurance of customer support from the manufacturer.

Ideal For

  • Fridges, Cabinets & Doors
  • With Key

URBAN AUGUST KEY LOCK: Our secure French door or side by side refrigerator lock is made from stainless steel cable and a high-quality lock and is optimal for safeguarding access to your refrigerator or cabinet. For Door handles with a diameter up to 44cm (17.5 Inches) NO VELCRO or STICKERS! French Door or double door Cable Refrigerator Lock is one size fits most! It will fit all French door refrigerators, except for those with very wide handles.

CUT-PROOF STRONG and STURDY: Our lock is virtually indestructible under normal circumstances. Even if your fridge has small-diameter handles, it will still stop prying hands from getting food they shouldnt.

EASY INSTALLATION: Just set the combination per directions, and place around your refrigerator door handles. The combination is easy to change. Default combo is 0000 and directions on changing the combo are provided in this listing. DO NOT forget your combination!

RECOMMENDED for all kitchens where food or medicine access is an issue. While the cable and lock are strong, it might be possible to pick the lock. Therefore, discretion should be taken when using our refrigerator door lock.