Our Story

The Urban August Story

Our story begins even before 2010. The founder, Marc, and his family had been experiencing a unique problem in which they could not find a good solution for- how to secure a French-door refrigerator. His younger brother, who has Downs Syndrome, would have irresistible urges to gorge on large quantities of food late at night. His family would commonly wake up to find startling amounts of food missing. This habit was not only unsustainable, but very dangerous. It is well known that some developmental disabilities lend themselves to very dangerous binge-eating habits. Our first idea was how to design a ‘fridge safe’ that would be large enough to fit in the standard American refrigerator. We also made a prototype of a modified luggage lock for French door handles- which worked quite well! With that, Urban August was born.

Our next move was to create a stronger cable lock, using several different strengths and lock options. Hence, our claim to fame is that we are the first company to modify a luggage & bike lock to fit a refrigerator. We wanted to get everything right: we even physically measured over 250 of the most popular refrigerator models in America to design our product. We also consulted with major refrigerator manufacturers to get things right.

Our Mission

To create a safer home, kitchen, office or medical facility by offering that extra level of security.

As our original idea was for a ‘fridge safe’ we listened to thousands of our customers to design the perfect product: the MATTBOX. From material, to size, and many other features, we took everything into account. We hired the best engineers, and used the best materials to manufacture the MATTBOX.

We currently sell both direct to consumer and to various medical and government institutions. In addition to our current product selection, we have a very healthy new product pipeline and encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list for current updates and new product launches!

We have operations both on the Westcoast and in the Midwest. If you have any questions or product suggestions, feel free to reach out to us or follow us on social media!