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  • Adhesive Combination Lock - Two Pack - White

Adhesive Combination Lock - Two Pack - White

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Kids are a curious set, and that can lead them to wondrous discoveries, as well as disastrous ones too—because crawling, cruising and walking tots get into everything. Once your baby is on the move, there’s no stopping their curiosity!

Constant supervision is essential, but little ones can be pretty speedy. In the time it takes to answer the phone or heat up a cup of coffee, your sweet pea could be elbows deep in the trash or pulling open your knife drawer.

To keep your little one out of trouble, you’ll need to baby-proof your home. You might have already added cushioning to sharp objects, but proper babyproofing goes far beyond that. Cabinet, window, door, and toilet locks are also essential to keep your baby from getting hurt.

We made an awesome product to help you, find the best baby locks for your home. So, at Urban August, you'll find a top toilet, window, door, outlet, and cabinet locks to keep your baby safe.


Uses Adhesive
Works on Cabinets without Handles
Works on Toilets
Works on Refrigerators
Easy to install
Secure for babies and toddlers
Protect your kids
Protect your food items
Protect your medicines
Protect your sensitive items
Fits on all surface
Can be bent




Length: 11 .5”

Height: 2.4”



Package includes:

1 x Adhesive safety Combination lock