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  • Original Strap Lock: Regular Two Pack

Original Strap Lock: Regular Two Pack

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URBAN AUGUST REGRIGERATOR LOCK: Our secure French door refrigerator lock is made from sturdy nylon and ABS plastic and is optimal for safeguarding access to your refrigerator or cabinets. NO VELCRO or STICKERS! French Door Refrigerator Lock is adjusted using a secure nylon belt. Loosen or tighten the belt to the exact size of your refrigerator door handles. Please note that we have two sizes, for regular sized and longer-spaced handles. STRONG and STURDY: Lock is adjusted using a secure nylon belt, and can be tightened to fit any standard refrigerator. Even when fully loosened, it assists in preventing access to your refrigerator. See product photo for reference. EASY INSTALLATION: Just set the combination, and place around your refrigerator door handles. The combination is easy to change. Default combo is ‘000’ and directions on changing the combo are provided on the packaging. DO NOT forget your combination! RECOMMENDED for young children six and under, and some developmentally disabled adults. The webbing is made with durable nylon, but is not cut-proof. Therefore, discretion should be taken when using our refrigerator door lock.