About Us!

About Us!

We here at Urban August strive to help transform every kitchen to a safer kitchen. Our goal is to prevent sensitive food, medicine and beverage items from being accessed by the wrong person.

BORN FROM EXPERIENCE: Growing up with a developmentally disabled sibling, my family struggled with securing our fridge over the years. Late night covert snack runs grew from a small nuisance to a serious health warning when large amounts of food would go missing. Through trial and error, I developed this line of fridge and cabinet locks.

All of our products have been tested for durability and we have many raving customers. Tough, durable, shatter-proof, and very difficult to open, our refrigerator locks have stood the test of time.

Although tour locks were originally intended to prevent the wrong people from accessing the wrong food, there are many other uses! See below.

  • Snacks and other sugary foods
  • Medicines
  • Setting a line with roommates
  • Avoiding disappearing lunches at work
  • For loved ones in nursing homes
  • Keeping alcohol away from minors
  • Want to keep that birthday cake a secret?

From Urban August Incorporated, based in Missouri.