Urban August Refrigerator lockbox


The refrigerator lock box secures snacks, alcohol, medicine, drinks- almost anything that goes in the refrigerator. It is a great way to keep your consumables safe at work, home, dorm; just about anywhere. There are many reasons and food items that you may want to keep safe, and this is the perfect method to do just that.
It’s a perfect size for easy transportation and storage- approximately a square foot.
The box is also made with white high-grade plastic, and has several small holes for ventilation. Hence, it is difficult for others to see the contents, while the content is properly ventilated.

Before buying, please ensure that the box dimensions are compatible with your refrigerator.

Item Description:
Color: White
Thickness: 5mm
Size: 265*193*140mm


This is for a new refrigerator lock box!


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